NoodleNow!'s Terms and Conditions

You are accepting NoodleNow!’s Terms and Conditions by using our service. Please read them carefully.

Under no legal theory and under no circumstances, will NoodleNow! or any of its shareholders, directors, telesales, sales reps, course writers, course creators, employees, third party content providers or the NoodleNow! offices and buildings, be liable for any damages, including incidental, consequential, punitive, indirect, special damages of any kind, including without limitation, individual users/departments actions as a response to any course content, damages for ceasation of work, computer/technical device breakdown or malfunction, loss of goodwill, loss of technical data, loss of productivity and output, loss of contract or all and any other commercial losses or damages.

As part of an organisation, you have unlimited access to all NoodleNow! courses.

Payment for 12 months is non-refundable.

Payment is not requested up front, but a final balance is required within 60 days, unless otherwise agreed. If these requirements are not fulfilled, NoodleNow! has the right to remove your training academy.

Upcoming courses and release dates are subject to change.

Prices may vary due to special offers/promotions.

There are no contracts or subscriptions.

The price covers access for a 12 month period.

Whilst NoodleNow! hopes you will want to renew, it will not occur automatically.

In the unlikely event of you not wishing to renew with NoodleNow!, then your training academy will be removed on the final day of your 12 month period (please note: all certificates and progress will be deleted).

Adding extra users: NoodleNow! allows the addition of extra staff, within reason.

At times, the NoodleNow! system may require updates and/or changes to reflect our users needs, thereby maintaining a high standard. Due to this, on rare occasions, the system may be unavailable for a short period of time.

NoodleNow! has the sole rights to any publication of NoodleNow! content. Publication by any individual, or third party, of any part, or whole of NoodleNow! content, including course content, course information, final tests and answers, in any form, is STRICTLY PROHIBITED


Organisation/Business accounts:

If a user leaves a business that has set up an academy with NoodleNow!, the employer has full control of the academy, which means they can remove users at any time. It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure all user information is deleted, as per any agreements made with the employee. Unfortunately, once a user has been deleted we may not be able to recover any progress made.

The E-Learning agreement is held between NoodleNow! and the business – not between NoodleNow! and the employee. NoodleNow! will therefore not honour any agreements made between the employer and the employee.


Customer Conduct

NoodleNow! will not tolerate any verbal, or written abuse, and reserves the right to delete single users, or full settings, as appropriate.

No person at NoodleNow! is obliged to deal with any customer over the phone, or in e mails, who is exhibiting threatening, insulting, abusive behaviour, or using acoustic shock.

If unacceptable behaviour persists, then the call will be terminated and any detail of the call logged.


Complaints Policy

Customer satisfaction is very important to us.
If a customer expresses dissatisfaction then this will be dealt with seriously and passed immediately to the Managing Director for his prompt response.

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